What kind of care does an elderly person need?

You don't have to do everything yourself. In many communities, a variety of services are available to help older people. Depending on the person's needs, you can hire a home health assistant to visit you regularly, arrange transportation so the person can run errands, or talk to a geriatric care administrator to help you coordinate care. You can also find ways to share caring responsibilities with other family members, neighbors or friends.

Seek immediate help if the person says they feel hopeless or that they have no reason to live, or if you're worried that they might hurt themselves. This evaluation helps senior care professionals develop a unique senior housing plan for their loved ones that meets their daily needs and creates an environment in which they can thrive. Elderly care professionals perform personalized evaluations to determine what type of care will best meet your loved one's needs. You may also need to help the older person prepare to make decisions about their future health care, a process called advance care planning. If you don't live close to an older family member or don't see them often, it can be hard to tell if the person needs help.

If either of you is uncomfortable bathing or going to the bathroom, you may want to hire a home health assistant. Talking about the person's preferences and developing a plan increases the chances that they'll get the care they want. The emotional needs of older people are often overlooked because they focus on physical needs, which may seem more urgent. You may find that you can't provide enough medical care or that you can't be there for as long as your loved one needs. Senior services are useful because they provide older adults with the precise level of care they need while helping them to maintain their independence.

You may notice some social changes that come with old age, and as the disease progresses, you may consider receiving nursing care at home or in a facility. If your parents are getting older or you have elderly grandparents living with you, you should do everything in your power to ensure that they are well cared for and comfortable. Planning for long-term care gives you and your family time to learn about the services available in your community and their cost.

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